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Warrior Ritual Goalie Stick R/M2E 25”

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Entering the scene in 2022 is Warrior’s update to the Ritual series, the Ritual M2. The R/M2 E goal stick offers much of the same tech as the higher-end goal sticks in the series at a more affordable price point. This includes SlideGrip technology, a HiFused construction, and an Impact Fibre layer.

Shaft Construction
The shaft continues to include an Impact Fibre layer to increase durability. The use of a HiFused construction gives the stick its ultra-lightweight feel and balance. The stick features Warrior’s own Minimus Carbon material and construction. Warrior has gradually been gaining popularity for producing particularly durable sticks, and a big contributing factor to that success has been from their Minimus Carbon technology.

Paddle Construction
The R/M2 E paddle has an innovative, geometric design to enhance the energy load from the paddle through to the low kick point of the stick. Ritual M-series sticks are renowned for their balance and playability, and the R/M2 E stick does not disappoint. The carbon fibre construction and material works with the geometry to enhance energy load into a low kick point and give you better control on shots and passes.

Blade Construction/Stiffness
Warrior’s Minimus Carbon material and construction are some of the toughest on the market. It was formulated originally for lacrosse sticks, and its use in hockey ensures durability in the blade at an affordable price point. The HiFused construction harmonizes well with the Minimus Carbon to give the stick a more balanced feel.

The Warrior R/M2 E keeps to that really clean matte finish with a few pattern adjustments. The colour on the paddle no longer stops abruptly at the top; the signature teal, green, and yellow hash pattern graphic has been extended upwards in spikes along the shaft. The pattern gradually blends into the matte colour on the paddle. “R/M2 E” and “Warrior” have been printed along both the shaft and paddle in silver.

The stick features SureGrip technology at the top of the paddle for better hold and control with the stick. The soft gloss on the R/M2 E paddle solidifies your grip, so you can ensure you have a strong hold on your stick while you play.

Blade Patterns, Paddle Lengths, Stick Lengths, Weight, Level of Play
The Warrior Ritual M2 E Senior Goalie Stick is ideal for competitive goalies and comes in paddle lengths 25”, 26”, and 27.5”. Warrior broadened the blade pattern selection for the Ritual M2 series: in addition to Mid (Quick, W32) and Twist (Bishop, W33) patterns seen before with the M1, the M2 also comes in the Wedge (Mrazek, W34) pattern.

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