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*Members get a FREE skate sharpening on their birthday... and more!*
Sign up to stay in the know and save. *Members get a FREE skate sharpening on their birthday... and more!*

Get an EDGE on the Competition

Skate Repair

Regular "Professional" Skate Sharpening is Essential. We are a dedicated professional skate sharpening and skate care/repair Pro Shop.

Sports Equipment

We also carry many of your essential sports equipment and products including Hockey, Baseball, Pickleball, Disc Golf, BioSteel, Sports Nutrition

7 Step Skate Sharpening

We use a 7 step skate sharpening process for consistent skate sharpening every time. This process helps to control turns, flows, acceleration

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About Us

About Us

Competitive Edge Sports started off just as sharpening skates and the business now has evolved into a sports store that also does "fantastic skate sharpening!"

We use a 7 step skate sharpening process which is recognized by the NHL, AHL, CHL, ECHL, WCHL, and OHL. This system is important to give the skater stronger skating skills, make the skater faster, improve the skaters balance and gives longer life to the skate blades and skates overall. Competitive Edge Sports gives a superior standard in skate blade maintenance. Finish process and profiling system. This provides “skater control” – puts the skater in control of their skates not the skates in control of the skater. Proper sharpening, profile, boot and blade alignment will help maintain a skater’s center of gravity and reduce body compensations, physical stress; lost performance.

We have evolved now into spring/summer sports such as Lacrosse, Baseball, Slo-Pitch, Fast Pitch, Ball Hockey, and Summer Ice Hockey. We also offer apparel items such as water bottles, skate mats, socks, scarfs, hats, jackets, novelty items, and much more.

527 Len Self Blvd, Midland, ON
L4R 5N6

Located inside the North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre


AWESOME to hear how well received the event was AND hoping you do it again so we can attend

Jan Bee

Dean went out of his way to get my daughter a pair of skates in these difficult times. I would highly recommend Competitive Edge. Thanks again

Laura McKay

Competitive Edge Sports does great work. Thank you for sharpening my skates!!!

Lynsi McCutcheon

Great place to buy Hockey gear in a family friendly setting!

Brittani Bezanson

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