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Raven Hockey Sticks

Original price $114.99 - Original price $159.99
Original price
$114.99 - $159.99
Current price $114.99

Raven Hockey was the first to introduce low flex to the hockey market with the Flex 20.  The Flex 20 is appropriate  for the height and weight of most 5-7 year old hockey players who have learned to shoot with a youth stick and are ready to move into a junior a stick.

The Flex 30 is a junior/youth hybrid designed for players under 70 lbs. This the most popular model for any player under 70 lbs and looking for a competitive Edge!

The Flex 40 is the same length of most junior sticks at 56" however at 40 flex it will give more whip than other 50 flex sticks on the market.

The Flex 50 is the only true Junior/Intermediate hybrid, at 60 inches the Flex 50 is longer than a standard junior stick and has a lower flex rating than any intermediate stick on the market. a perfect fit for any player under 5 ft 7 in and under 110 lbs.


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