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Gearbox GH7 Plus Paddle

by Gearbox
Original price $119.95 - Original price $119.99
Original price
$119.95 - $119.99
Current price $119.99


The all NEW, fully redesigned Gearbox GH7+ is setting the new standard for mid-level honeycomb paddles. With an array of new higher-end features, starting from the core to the paddle face, the GH7+ will be your ally on the court as you develop your game and skill level. While you may easily spend well above $130 for a similar competitor paddle, the Gearbox GH7+ is pushing the limits for outstanding performance and superior construction and design.

The GH7+ collection now features a new 12mm Polypropylene Honeycomb core giving this paddle remarkable Stability with a pleasing Soft Feel. The hitting surface is built with a six ply glass fiber structure, providing consistent Control with Power on demand. Featured in Gearbox high performance models, the GH7+ now also includes Hyper-Bite Spin Technology for Maximum Spin. With its Ergonomic Molded Handle, this paddle offers an amazingly comfortable feel in your hand, unlike most competitor paddles in its class.


  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • 12mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
  • 6 Ply Hand Laid Glass Fiber Surface
  • Hyper-Bite Spin Technology
  • Superb Soft Feel
  • Excellent Control with Power on Demand
  • Maximized Stability
  • Ergonomic Molded Handle for Comfort


  • Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • 7mm Cell Width
  • 12mm Cell Height
  • 13mm Total Paddle Depth
  • Fiber Reinforced throat for added strength


  • Unidirectional Fiberglass Inner plies
  • Woven Fiberglass Surface plies
  • Urethane Paint Finish
  • Water Transfer Design Decals for High End Finish
  • Textured Surface Utilizing Hyper Bite Technology


Hand-Laid H7 Fiber Technology describes the entire construction of the GH7+ paddle, from the core to the face. The core is constructed with a 7mm wide by 12mm depth Polypropylene (PPE) honeycomb. Gearbox custom builds the face of the GH7+, using a combination of both Unidirectional and Woven Fiberglass Plies. The unique advantage of this hand-laid technique is that fiber plies can be applied in various angles, shapes, and placement along the paddle face allowing Gearbox engineers to give this collection an outstanding performance and overall feel. In addition, Gearbox is able to reinforce specific areas of the paddle face, greatly improving the overall durability of the paddle.


The GH7+ offers the optimal balance between Power and Control. This collection has an amazing crisp feel. The control in this paddle is exceptional, helping you defeat your opponent at the kitchen. This paddle also offers Power on Demand for baseline play, the serve, and an overhead smash. The GH7+ is built to excel in those critical moments when you need your paddle to do what it is designed to do, elevate your game!


First impressions are critical. Your first impression of any paddle, is the initial feel of that paddle in your hand. The GH7+ features an Ergonomic Urethane Foam Molded Handle to improve the feel and comfort of the grip. We want you to experience the quality, comfort and excellence from the first moment you pick up a Gearbox paddle.

Hyper-Bite Spin Technology

Hyper-Bite Spin Technology gives the paddle surface more ball bite, maximizing spin.

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