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Gamma Twister Paddle

by Gamma
Original price $89.99 - Original price $89.99
Original price
$89.99 - $89.99
Current price $89.99

We have discontinued the GAMMA Twister Pickleball Paddle.
The twister was the the lightest offering in the Sensa Poly Core paddle family at 7.4 ounces. It featured a textured paddle face fused to the poly core.

Similarities of the�Dart�& Twister Paddle:
The Dart Paddle is very similar to the Twister in that it features some of the same core benefits.

Both Paddles are the lightest GAMMA Sensa Poly Core Paddles weighing ~7.4oz.

Similar to the Twister, the�Dart�is a lightweight paddle that is made to give quicker and sharper hand speed when a larger paddle face feels like it bogs you down. The�Dart�is slightly less rounded in the corners, granting you more surface area while allowing you to maintain the same weight and pop.

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